Welcome to Homestead Crafter! All of our products are created in the USA and sourced from USA suppliers. We ONLY ship to the USA. Please forgive our current mess, as we are moving everything from Etsy to here and it's rather time-consuming to get everything moved and properly set up. Thank you for your patience!

Important Links

This is just our list of important links to various no-kill shelters and their wishlist needs. If you feel compelled to do so, we would greatly appreciate your support of our charity causes. Thank you. All links open in a new window.

Genesee County Humane Society

If you are on Amazon, please use smile.amazon.com to do your shopping, and select GCHS or OHS as your charity of choice. With this totally secure method of shopping on Amazon while supporting a worthy cause, GCHS/OHS receives a donation from Amazon (nothing taken from you) for each of your purchases.

GCHS Amazon Wishlist

GCHS Chewy Wishlist

OHS Amazon Wishlist

OHS Website Wishlist - Let me tell you, when I had a bunch of dog toys that were given to me a while back, I donated them all to the shelter. They were so happy, because it gave so many of the dogs and cats something to play with to try to help them stay entertained while with OHS. 

All donations to either shelter are welcomed. The specific wishlist links are for items they desperately need now, but monetary donations are also always welcomed.

As always, adopt, don't shop!