Productive Weekend

It's been an amazingly productive weekend for the shop, and a lot of fun was had. Sales could have been better but considering it was opening weekend, it wasn't too awful. Several people stopped by and browsed, a few shopped, so all is good. There is interest in the Stitch N B***h, so that's really good, too.

I'm simplifying the shop to the kinds of things I enjoy in the form of the candles and wax melts only, plus eventually adding in fabric for quilting, yarn, and other products. Things like jewelry, which I have made in the past and absolutely love, and other POD products to flesh the store out with things that inspire me to be more creative. Might even get some of my own knitting and crochet patterns written up better and available for sale, too. The POD (Print On Demand) products list of things that would be awesome in the shop is freaking HUGE. Pet products, jewelry (did you know you can do that with POD???), hair accessories, drinkware, Christmas ornaments, magnets, stickers....holy cow, there's a lot I can do when I get that far.

First things first, though, is that I have to get all the darned candles and wax melts in the shop so they can be available for sale. I was going to do a number of other types of scented products, but that's getting a bit out of hand and into things I don't really want to make anyhow. Things I do want to make, but don't have time to make myself and don't have the space for the equipment needed, I can do POD.

And to think, all this mess really got started for the physical shop last November, when I did a Door Dash delivery to the folks who own the Commerce Mall, where my brick-and-mortar store is located. I blame Carl and Jessica for getting me excited and starting me on this crazy journey, but it's been a lot of fun so far, and usually worth getting out to make a few bucks. As time goes on, I'm sure things will improve, so off I go to deal with some home issues (like doing dishes, blech, I need an actual dishwasher because I hate doing dishes!) and feeding the zoo crew and myself.

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