Wholesale Information

Hello there! We understand you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer with us. In that case, here's what we need to do together, so you can order in bulk at a discount, and get your products on a tax-exempt status. Most of this is on you, the customer, so let's get busy with what needs to happen. 

With candles and wax melts being a booming industry, we want you to be able to sell them, too. The problem for you comes in that you have absolutely no idea how to make the things, nor the time to make them in addition to the hundred other things you have to do for YOUR business, NOR the interest in making the time and developing the skill. That's where we come in. We have the time to make these products, and the interest, and the skill. Oh yeah, there's that tricky inventory thing, too, and we've even got that covered for you.

What we do is offer you, our wholesale customer, 20% off an order of 20 items or more in the shop, NOT including jar candles. As those are made through Print On Demand, we can not offer those up to our wholesale customers. But that means you have the whole range of our wax melts, and once we have them ready to go as well, our candle tins, pillar candles, votives, and tealights will count as well.

So the steps to have a wholesale account with us.

First, create an account in the name of your business as it is on your sales tax license, NOT your DBA name. For example, if your DBA (Doing Business As) name is Winky's Widgets, but your sales tax license says Winky's Wacky Widget Company, you need to create the account as Winky's Wacky Widget Company. This way, we can coordinate your tax license info with the correct customer account. Please fill out the entire account registration form. If you are a small business and your business mail comes to your home, put your business name as the First Name field, and your name as the Last Name field.

Second, take a picture of your sales tax license for us, and email it to us at heather@homestead-crafter.com as an attachment. Be sure your sales tax number and business name and address show CLEARLY in the image.

We will then match your sales tax info to your account and set you up as tax-exempt. Finally, we will reply to your email with your sales tax information, and let you know you are approved for wholesale purchasing.

At that point, you may order in-stock products as often as you prefer, and as long as you meet the minimum piece count of twenty products per order, your wholesale discount of 20% will apply automatically. Should you order less than 20 applicable products, the discount will not apply.

We suggest that you sell products you order at our prices for your minimal MSRP. As our labels do not include any pricing or bar codes, you can price as you wish. As we are a small batch chandlery, we do not use nor supply bar codes for our products.

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