Recommended Products

This is a huge!!! list of products we highly recommend which are all available on Amazon. Please note that all links are affiliate links, and we get a small amount of money from each purchase made by you once you click on a link, for a period of 30 days after you click the link. These monies, as small as they often are, help us to help the animals at our shelter charities, GCHS and OHS, as the funds are sent to our bank account and then forwarded to these shelters. Like so many of us in the thick of things with shelter work, or fostering or rescue, in some form, we here at Homestead Crafter wish for a bright and happy future for all the animals with fur-ever homes that are purr-fect for them. These funds aid in that goal, and the goal that some bright day down the road, shelters, fosters, and rescues will no longer be needed because every animal will have a home. 

Another option if you shop frequently on Amazon (as we do here at Homestead Crafter) is to use for your shopping. This is a subdomain on Amazon that allows a portion of your purchase, at Amazon's expense, to go to a charity of your choice. Go to the website, choose your charity, and do all your shopping through the portion of Amazon's site to help your charity. They do have a large list of suggested charities, but you can type the name of your charity in the search box and pick one that way. Both of our charity shelters, Genesee County Humane Society (Burton, MI) and Ozark Humane Society (Harrison, AR) are listed there so that you can choose one and aid them through your shopping.