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Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Homestead Crafter Affliliate Program. Please keep this page handy for future reference, as it contains important information for you about the program and terms and conditions.

You understand and agree that you are not an employee of Homestead Crafter. You are an affiliate. As such, you may use supplied creatives to promote Homestead Crafter and the link provided to you in your affiliate account, to do your promoting.

Commissions are 10% on all products. There are no tiers. This is not an MLM program. It is an affiliate program, and your earnings are based on your efforts, not those of others you recruit. So the more YOU sell, the more YOU make. The program is free to join as you noticed, and there are no kits to buy nor is there a quota for sales to be able to remain an affiliate. However, affiliates with no sales in six months are removed from our system to make way for those who are working their affiliate business. The program is limited to those who live in the United States. You may choose to recruit others to the affiliate program, but you will not receive any bonuses or incentives for doing so.

We do not withhold taxes from your payments. You will need to consult a tax professional to know what to do about your income from our affiliate program. Affiliates who earn $600 or more in a single calendar year will be asked to fill out a W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification. This information will be used solely to provide you your 1099-MISC for your income tax returns. The 1099-MISC also is reported to the IRS, per applicable law.

Payments are made weekly on Monday afternoon or evening. If Monday is a bank holiday, payments are made about the same time period on Tuesday of that week. Commissions are paid to you via PayPal at the email address you used when signing up as an affiliate. There is no minimum for payout.

Commissions are awarded manually by us, once your customer's order has been processed and shipped. This allows us to avoid giving you a negative amount on your commissions due to cancellations by the customer. Commissions are processed daily.

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