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The Envigo beagles are finding homes

Posted by Heather Wiegel on

I've not posted on this in a bit because there is literally a flood of information out there on these poor dogs. Horrible conditions for living, if you could call it that, and breeding and everything for these dogs. Beagles are one of the sweetest breeds out there. Extremely high-energy, but great dogs.

Of course, I'm one of those weirdos that believes there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

The 4000 beagles rescued from the Envigo facility now have a chance at a real dog's life, with not only food and water, but GOOD food and water, toys, comfy beds, grass to sniff and roll in, other dogs and people to play with. All of the things that make a dog's life happy. 

When something like this happens, it is on ALL of us to work to care for these animals and find them fur-ever homes, right along with all the rest of the unhomed dogs and cats out there. Feral cats that simply can not be homed for whatever reason (often just because they are too spicy to ever enjoy life as a pet) really do need TNR, which gives them a better life while eliminating the cycle of breeding over and over, and eliminating all those extra kittens.

For tax, here's my pooch mcgooch, Bandit, sleeping on the end of my bed as I work on the shop today: