So why only wax melts?

Posted by Heather Wiegel on

By now, you've noticed we only do wax melts. They sell well for us when we go to local craft shows and events as a vendor, they transport extremely easily. So that is one reason.

Another reason for only wax melts is they are easy to do. We are working on candles, but they are tricky to get right, and we don't want to offer them as an option until we have them just right for our customers. As we get them perfected, we will be adding the different types of candles to our individual scents as we go so you have several options for the various types of candles available. At that point, we will also be able to change our informational page on the site to have all the important wax melt and candle burning information in one place. 

That page currently only covers the safety information for wax melts. Once we begin to add candles, we will add similar information for them to that page. This new information will cover issues like safety, burn time, weight of the various candles, proper burning and care of your candles, and so forth. 

So stick with us on the journey and grow with us. We have a long way to go on adding all of the scents we have available to the shop, and at this point, we are only through the B's. That's 24 letters of the alphabet to get added for the largest scent selection possible!