Pit Bull Education Time!

I haven't posted in a few weeks just because life has kind of gotten in the way around here. Barely able to squeak out time to create new products and push them to the shop from the printer! But yes, I do love pitties. I have one myself, a lovely American Staffordshire Terrier bitch. And no, that's not a slur. That's the correct term for a female dog. She's the sweetest thing ever, loves everybody. If I give a new person a treat and have them give it to her a certain way, she is immediately their friend. "You gave me a goodie! Now we are friends and I will beat you to death with my tail!" (That thing honestly should be registered as a deadly weapon, because I have some serious bruises just above my knees all the time from where she hits me with it!)

On the other hand, give her a stuffed squeaky toy and that thing is dead inside of five minutes. She immediately goes for the tummy squeaker and rips it out, then systematically goes over the whole toy to rip out every squeaker in it. Crazy pooch. 

So here's a little infographic on pitties! Share the pittie love!

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