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Our Mission

Posted by Heather Wiegel on

Our mission at Homestead Crafter is to provide our customers with quality gifts for dog and cat lovers, and to use a portion of our profits from each product sold to support the efforts of two no-kill shelters to provide low-cost spay and neuter clinics, in an ongoing effort to assist them in the reduction and eventual elimination of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.
One dollar ($1.00) from each product sold is split equally between these two shelters:
1 - The Genesee County Humane Society back in Heather's home state of Michigan. GCHS is the area's premier animal rescue sanctuary and houses up to 200 animals per day. As a no-kill shelter, these animals may stay with GCHS for months before finding their fur-ever homes.
2 - The Ozark Humane Society in Harrison, AR. Founded in 1970, OHS has a mission that reflects that of Homestead Crafter's charity mission. Their mission page states, "The mission of Ozark Humane Society is to rescue and provide a temporary home for the abandoned and homeless dogs and cats in the area. Our goal is to save these animals by providing a safe haven until each can be matched with an appropriate and welcoming Forever Home. We are also working to better educate the community to the benefits of spaying and neutering their dogs and cats for better health and population control." As of July 2022, OHS has a TWO-MONTH waiting list for anyone who wishes to surrender a pet. This is UNACCEPTABLE to us here at Homestead Crafter. The more pets that are spayed and neutered to avoid unwanted litters and to reduce overcrowding at shelters, the better, as it avoids issues like this.
We are quite purr-leased thank our customers from the bottom of our hearts for every product they buy that helps us to support a pair of pawsome causes. If you check out our Important Links page, you will find links to these two wonderful shelters, and their Amazon Wishlists, so you can help them directly if you wish to do so.
As always, adopt, don't shop. If you can't adopt, foster or rescue. If you can do either of those, volunteer. If you can't volunteer, donate. If you can't even donate, for whatever reason, PLEASE at least advocate. Be a voice for the voiceless, so the senselessness of overcrowding and high kill rates at kill shelters can eventually be eliminated and every dog and cat can have a fur-ever home.