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New products, COVID update, and more

Posted by Heather Wiegel on

Well, it's been a busy few weeks. Mostly doing a lot of designing for new products while working my butt off at the Just Over Broke. A LOT of 50-hour workweeks pulled by Yours Truly. Whew.

I've been getting some designs on products and in the store, so that's a big thing. Huge, even. Mainly because a lot of the time I've been "working on the shop," I've been dithering over how I wanted to do things and what I truly wanted to do. I kept moving forward and backing up. I'm at a point now where I've finally said enough is enough, you ain't gettin' any younger, girl, so get your fanny in gear and get products in the shop.

So we have my handpoured soy wax candles going in a few at a time. My knitting patterns that I've designed a lot of over the 40 years I've been knitting. My handmade jewelry which I'm selling off as fast as possible, because while I love making the stuff, my hands can't take that teeny stuff anymore. Knitting, I can do for hours on end. My Mom's hand-embroidered baby quilts and table runners are all up. The others will have to continue as fast as I can photograph or rewrite my handwritten scribbles and take pictures of a finished whatever. 

And then there's all the Print On Demand products I want to throw up in the shop. I've managed to design or buy with POD copyright use around 6000 (SIX THOUSAND!!!) designs to use. It's going to be a time-consuming process to get them all onto products and in the shop, but worth it. I'm also adding in some select products that come from China (I know, I know, ack! Gag! Ptooey!), but all are clearly marked in the product description if you really can't stomach the idea. I've no problem with the products, and they fit the overall theme of the store pretty well.

The Etsy shop is going to start slowly dying off in about 10 days, other than digital products. They do fairly well there, so they'll be here as well as there. I'm kind of scared and excited to see the products there (that are or will be all HERE) slowly expire and fade into oblivion. I've had a good time there, but the changes the last couple of years made me think long and hard about staying until I finally made the choice to jump ship and make Etsy digital only. 

So...New Product Alert

The biggest new products I've got going in the shop now are a sweet t-shirt dress that screams comfort and casual style at the same time. Want it as a really long tee? Great. Want it for a cute casual dress? That's great, too. Me, personally, I can totally see myself rocking one as a sleepshirt. It looks just that doggone comfy. Then there's the Touch Tool, or what I'm calling the Cootie Key. Great for pushing puttons on things, opening lever-style door handles, and the like. It attaches to your keyring, so it's ALWAYS handy when you're out and about! I've got the Foster Mom versions of these up in the shop already. You can bet there will be more of them both with lots of other sayings and graphics on them as possible.

For now, this tired gal is off for a shower and making some dinner. I still have to do laundry and get groceries this weekend AND have the weekly Stitch N Bitch with my bestie, because I'm teaching her to knit. We have a LOT of fun. I'd teach her to crochet as it's easier to learn but there's a huge problem...I'm a lefty. I knit right-handed but crochet left-handed. Kinda hard to teach crochet when you can't do it like pretty much everybody else, and folks can NOT seem to wrap their heads around "do it to mirror what I'm doing." 

Peace out, yo!