New Design!

You've probably noticed we now have a new design for the store. There's a huge reason behind this. As you know, we use Shopify for our backend admin of the shop. Our old theme is no longer supported by the newer features available in Shopify, and so we made the choice to switch to a different theme that is as similar as possible to our old theme. Unfortunately, this means we no longer have a side menu (boohoo!) but it does give us a bit of a cleaner look. Still not sure we like it but it's what's supported now so we're kind of stuck with one of these new designs, like it or not.

But as with the old theme, as we are building the shop out, if a category does not have a picture showing with the category name on the home page, it does not currently have any products. Be patient! We are working hard on adding new designs on all the mugs we want to carry.

Although, to be honest, there's a LOT more products we could happily carry from our trusted third-party printer, because they have a humongous catalog of products to choose from, and crow brain (OOOOH! SHINY THING!) could really go nuts. It took a lot of work to pare things down to the minimum of products that we know will sell well and adding in products we know will appeal to our customers who don't want to spend a lot of money, but still want something super neat.

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