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I don't blog enough

Posted by Heather Wiegel on

I can tell that. The last time I added anything to the shop blog was mid-September. Things haven't changed much, so there's not really been a reason to write anything. However, summer is over, fall is upon us, Halloween is done for the year, and it's time to get some serious work done on adding products!

My regular Just Over Broke has been wearing me down a lot lately. Less hours, less money, more stress on what bills to pay, plus a lot of things going on with my Mom that I can't talk about. So my personal life has taken over front and center and the business has had to take a bit of a back seat lately.

Not my idea of a fun time, but there ya go.

I'm adding in the tees and baby bodysuits for every occasion. I've had them over on Bonanza for a while and they're doing nothing there. They can just as easily do nothing here, and no, I won't be slapping those graphics on everything in sight like I do the pet lovers ones. The primary focus here is pet lovers gifts period. The other designs are just icing on the cupcakes.

I am looking into other print providers for down the line to add even MORE product types to the shop. It's going to be a long while though. The one printer I work with is amazeballs and I have a LOT of graphics to add to products for her so who knows if or when I'll even get to the other printers. The one I use right now has a great selection of products and they are always adding more things, so there's always a chance I won't have to use a different provider anyhow!

For now, all I can do is add products and designs as fast as my regular life will allow me. Thankfully, my Just Over Broke is giving us a three-day weekend this week, so that's an extra day to get more products in the shop!