Happy New Year

Posted by Heather Wiegel on

As many of our wonderful Etsy customers have noticed, we've begun shifting our product line to a Shopify store. We are able to do more with the categories here, including having a single product in multiple categories where that product fits well. We have had a great time on Etsy, but with all the changes there over the last couple of years, we've seen that it's time to change platforms. Our ready to ship melts will still be available there, but we will be directing all of our visitors and customers there to come here to see our full product line, including those that are made to order at this time.

It is our plan this year to expand the product line to include many more scents, and by this time next year, we expect that we will have a small shop for a brick and mortar store as well. It may end up being a 10x10 storage unit that we open up a couple of days a week when we can, but it's in the plans for 2022 and expansion of the shop into even more scents. Considering that we have access to nearly twenty fragrance sellers that have enough scents to keep us busy making wax melts for a long time to come without duplicating anything, the shop will eventually expand into between 2000 and 3000 scents. That ought to make just about anybody happy!

We recently ordered some new scents and the box arrived the other day for new ready to ship melts. Four are food, four are aromatherapy, and ten more are pumpkin scents for our fall collection. 

You will likely have noticed that we redid the shop a LOT here on Shopify. Not only do we have our nice banner from Etsy, which had the domain URL on it so it works here quite well, but we have a nice featured products category where the products will change from month to month. Because we can only feature one category at a time, and some months have two or three categories I want to feature, we'll have to change it up a bit from time to time during the summer so we can showcase everything. We're also redoing the photos with the scents, to be the label that goes on the clamshell packaging. It's not quite as eye-catching or nearly as colorful as the descriptive photos, but we feel it will be a bit less confusing as to what our customers are ordering. We've noticed in the last couple of months in the Etsy shop that people don't read the whole description and miss the part where it says the photo is only to describe the scent, and a couple have seemed to believe they are ordering a wax sculpture of some kind. I wish I was that talented!

By changing this, we hope to eliminate that confusion, and encourage our customers to ask questions instead of assuming they're getting some kind of elaborate wax sculpture. It will also make the sizing of our product photos more consistent so the rows of product photos don't go zigzagging all over the page.

For those interested, January's featured product collection will be the Tropical scents. Much of the States is cold and gloomy and covered with snow and ice this time of year, so why not bring some warm weather scents to your home with some of our Tropical melts?

For those of you that made it this far, may you all have a blessed and prosperous New Year.