Guess what I just found out!

If you have a credit card (and these days, who doesn't?), and it gives rewards points or miles or whatever, check out the rewards store for your card(s). Today is payment day on mine - I make a small weekly payment so as to not get hit with a whacking big one once a month - and have quite the number of rewards points built up on it. Ok, so I use it a lot for the business, and for the annual to-do project list around here. So points add up on it a couple of times a year. 

They are getting up there to where I can use them for something. Usually, I get myself something off Amazon with a gift card, but this time I really wanted those points to go do some good. Goodness knows, I can easily afford to buy what I want or need off Amazon without a fuss. So why not skip myself this time and see about helping some critters? 

I chose to dig through donating to charity, limiting my selection to animals, and searching for Homestead Crafter's two charities. I wasn't expecting to find them, buy hey ho, they're both on there! I can't link to them so I have to hunt them down every time I donate, but yay for the poochies and kitties at GCHS and OHS now. I can donate my rewards points to them to help the shelters stay open and serving their communities. 

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and it's called rewards points that I can donate to charity. So please check your rewards on YOUR cards and see if you can donate those rewards to a shelter in YOUR area.

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