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Expanding the product line a little

Posted by Heather Wiegel on

Well, we have decided to expand the product line just a little. I know, I know. we're already expanded outside pet lovers mugs with the knitting patterns, baby quilts, candles, and handmade jewelry. The last three will be disappearing once they sell out. The knitting patterns are all instant downloads with no inventory limit so they will stay.

As for what we're expanding with - non-pet themed mugs and adult tees and baby/toddler/youth tees and tote bags. Why tees? Kids don't use coffee mugs, and I can't find a reliable Print On Demand company that does sippy cups and glassware at this time that's youth suitable at a reasonable price to you, our customers. Why totes? Everybody loves totes.

The tees will be cute animals, birthday, first holiday, etc. The non-pet mugs will be holidays, seasons, hobbies, sports, careers, anything and everything we can design. Don't get me wrong, we love our pet themed mug selection to death, but we'd like to expand just a little outside that box to give our wonderful customers a little extra something to look forward to using year-round.

And mugs ARE a year-round gift that never gets old. You can put basically anything in them, use them for microwave meals and desserts, make your own small gift baskets with them, and more. Remember - sign up for our mailing list and not only get a coupon code for a discount on your next pet-themed mug purchase, but you'll also get a link to an instant download on Google Drive of mug mixes you can use with your new mug!