Even the strongest people eventually break

Found this on my Facebook feed. It has to be shared. In keeping with the theme of this blog, and the mission of my shop, it has to be shared.
I DID NOT WRITE THIS BUT I HAD TO SHARE from a rescue friend.
You are breaking the strongest people I've ever met.
You, with your broken fence whose dogs get out and you don't go to the shelter to pick them up.
You, with that new baby so no more room for your "best friend."
You, who needs to go on vacation but doesn't want to pay for boarding.
You, who didn't vaccinate so rescuers pour their heart, soul, and wallet into watching YOUR cat/dog die in their arms or on the vet table.
You, who didn't spay your cat/dog so she's pregnant and you can't deal with it so you drop her at the shelter or call animal control.
You, who stands in line for two and half hours to surrender your cat/dog to an overfull shelter where owner surrenders are the first to die.
You, who dumps defenseless kittens/puppies in a field where coyotes are known to roam.
You, who throws kittens/puppies out your window as you drive down the freeway.
You, who buys from a puppy-mill or pet store when moms, puppies, juveniles, and adults were murdered this morning at just one shelter among hundreds.
You, who just doesn't care about the living, breathing, feeling animals who depend on us to be their voice.
The strongest people I know are breaking, because of you. And I don't know what to tell them. There is nothing to say.
As always, a dopt, don't shop. If you can't adopt, foster or rescue. If you can't do that, volunteer, If you can't do that, donate. If you can't do that, advocate. If nothing else, be a loud voice for the voiceless.
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